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Ahuja Business Services offers its clients a range of Business Auxiliary Services. The same includes our endavour to offer new initiatives and options for Sustainable Development
As Global warming, Climate change, rapid Industrialisation and the Internet make deeper inroads into our daily lives… we as responsible World citizen’s need to develop upon opportunities provided by the Hospitality & Tourism Industry ( the world’s largest Industry ) to provide sustainable development and livelihood options to the local populace - worldwide. The United Nations has commendably chosen to undertake part of the same under the aegis of the UNWTO ( United Nations World Tourism Organisation ) declaring 2017 as the UN's International year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The International Year is seeking to explore and highlight tourism’s role in the following five key areas: 1. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth 2. Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction 3. Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change 4. Cultural values, diversity and heritage 5. Mutual understanding, peace and security * source: A roadmap for celebrating together: UNWTO

Sustainable Tourism - India 2020Sustainable Tourism India 2020........Read more

ECOTOURISM IN INDIA India is known for its large ecosystems including : - 661 protected areas with 100 national parks - 514 wildlife sanctuaries - 43 conservation reserves and four community reserves in different geographic zones The Indian Government’s National 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17) targets to increase the net benefit of tourism activities for the poor, emphasising also that the revenue generated from tourism operations should be utilised for protected area management (India Tourism 2011). Government'al action at both the national and local levels has enhanced ecotourism operations to ecologically sensitive areas where attention has been given to conservation and development with the support of the local community. For instance, in 2007 at the Kumarakom bird sanctuary in Kerala, hotels established linkages to local communities for the supply of seven types of local products. By 2010, the number of items had increased to 45 including some agro-based industrial products like coconut oil, souvenirs and handicrafts. The economic linkages encouraged partnerships between the community and the industry, thereby helping the community to develop a sustainable market with fair prices for the local produce and increased production. A few examples of initiatives taken by individuals and Industry counterparts to promote Ecotourism and Sustainable development in India include:


The Himalayan Rocket Stove Project

Apart from organising Holistic Getaways in the Himalayas, Russell Collins from Yaktrak has undertaken the commendable task of offering the people in the Himalayas alternatives for maintaining their Environment and also keeping their houses warm while Cooking by means of : The Himalayan Rocket Stove Project
Saving 1 Million Trees!
‘Himalayan Rocket Stove Project’ ………. As a social enterprise geared towards saving Himalayan trees through the use of ultra efficient wood stoves, it has the ambitious target of saving 1 million trees over the next 10 years. The Himalayan Rocket Stove addresses three of the key issues facing people and the environment of the Himalayas, those being deforestation, women’s health, and air pollution. Rocket stoves also burn incredibly cleanly, emitting very little in the way of noxious fumes. Using 4 to 5 times less fuel than a traditional stove and being virtually non-polluting with the wood they do burn, the Himalayan Rocket Stove is a breath of fresh air to the often choked up valleys of the Himalayas during winter. “In terms of CO2, we are looking at saving over 3.5 tons per stove, per year, from being released to the atmosphere.” Russell emphasised “This prevents the clean mountain air from being polluted, fostering health and respiratory benefits.” https://yaktrak.com/himalayan-rocket-stove-project/

Himalayan Rocket Stove Project

Banni Khera Farm, Rohtak

A Sustainable & Community Based Rural Tourism Project Banni Khera Farm is a Sustainable & Community Based (CBT) Rural Tourism Project started in collaboration with Haryana Tourism (Ministry of Tourism-India) under the Farm Tourism Scheme How are the locals involved? Most of the services in the project are provided by the villagers, including yoga & meditation classes, workshops on pottery-painting-cooking, conducting activities such as - horse riding, bullock cart ride, tractor ride, boating & folk dance show etc. At present there are more than 25 local families/individuals involved in the project & they are getting direct economic benefits from the project.

Banni Khera Farm, Rohtak

ISKCON Govardhan Eco Village (GEV)

won the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Award, leading over 55 countries in the category of ‘Innovation in Non-Governmental Organisations’ Spread over 70 acres in Wada near Mumbai, Govardhan Eco Village is the first Indian NGO to win a UNWTO Award. It was recognised for its ground-breaking work in using eco-tourism to reduce poverty and provide sustainable livelihoods in one of the most backward tribal regions of India. Here you may explore a “blend of traditional wisdom and modern practicality, from innovative award-winning eco-solutions to education in spiritual living” called Symbiotic Development. Some Ecofriendly initiatives undertaken include Organic Farming, Animal Care, Green Buildings, Water Conservation, Alternative Energy, Soil Biotechnology, Waste Management, Rural Empowerment , Rural Education, Global Outreach, Art & Handicrafts, Plant Nursery, Research & Training. http://mediaindia.eu http://www.ecovillage.org.in/

ISKCON Govardhan Eco Village (GEV)

Ahuja Business Services chosen as one of the 10 Best Startups in Travel & Tourism 2016 - Startupcity 10 Best award........Read more

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