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Ahuja Business Services offers its clients a range of Business Auxiliary Services. Ranging from Events and Promotions to Custom Branding, Marketing and CSR campaigns - Ahuja Business Services can integrate your Organisational / Project Promotional requirements in sync with your Mainline Sales and Operations.


Events & Seminars : Representation, Liasion, Stall Design, Manning & Reporting, POP and Collaterral

CII Tourism Fest 2013

Social Media, Web & PR offers - Campaigns, Contests, Listings, Promos, Fund raising

Social Media - Contests

Marketing, Promotions, Representation, Sales , Surveys, Design & associated services

Card / Memberships

Integrated Service Offers - In-House Capability - Global Tieups / Affiliate Network - Cost effective and Custom Solutions - Web & Field Support - Presence in Major Industry Fairs & Exhibitions - Coming Soon - Mobile apps & related service offerrings for Promoting sales

Promotions- Contests - ahuja business services

Promotions- Contests - ahuja business services - rajesh pratap singh

Promotions- Contests - ahuja business services

Promotions- Contests - ahuja business services


United Kingdom, Germany, Vietnam, Romania, Israel, Croatia, Scotland, Australia, Canada, Budapest, Turkey, Srilanka, Russia, Usa, Thailand, Spain, Tanzania, Kenya, French Polynesia, Bhutan............

World Class Card / Membership offers in association with The Top Travel Club, Canada

Local Tieups for Dining Offers, Events, Parties & More!

India - Places of Interest Other Places of Interest International destinations T&C Travelzcard Offers B2B info

CSR & FUNDRAISING - In continuation with a Global Endeavour by Organisations to contribute 2% of their annual turnover towards Societal Development via Corporate Social Responsibility CSR initiatives, You may be associated with Societal Development and Welfare campaigns via Donations/Fund Raising and Development Campaigns. You may also allocate funds towards Udey Ahuja Memorial Public Welfare Trust - UAMPWT - a registered trust under the aegis of the Government of India providing financial assistance for the Treatment of Cancer Patients. The same entititles you to 100% Tax exemption u/s 35 AC on all donations made. Contact us for details.

Global Liasion - Local Services

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